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Free Rider HD is the next generation of Free Rider, a game about riding bikes on tracks drawn by other players. Being the 4th game in the series, it has been re-built for performance and is playable on not only desktops and laptops, but tablets and mobiles as well. It has the same addicting gameplay that had made Free Rider rise above all, but this time with exceptional features like full-screen with no lag, asynchronous racing, and more tools to save and share tracks. Officially licensed and continuously updated.
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DylanNair DylanNair 29 March 2016


Hi. This is my blog. I started playing FRHD 2 years ago.

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La5erbeamFRHD La5erbeamFRHD 16 July 2014

New Pages Started

In the last couple of days I see the activity has been quite down :(. I think it may be because everyone is busy working on their Campaign Contest entrys (I have been myself). But anyways hopefully we can get the activity back up and finish the Wiki…

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66696C 66696C 6 July 2014


Here's another wiki I started:


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